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General Description: Hobgoblins are a species of goblins. They are not particularly common in the central Dreamlands, in the coastal areas east and west of the middle sea, appearing almost native around the Hlanith region. Whereas Goblins are feral, capricious, territorial and malignant, Hobgoblins are more thoughtful, deliberate, organized. There's a hateful quality of longterm planning almost on par with humanity itself in Hobgoblins, a trait emerging after millenia of competition with the more southernly elves. Hobgoblins are seafaring as opposed to Orcs, who don't trust the sea. Hobgoblins can occasionally be reliable trading partners. Physically, Hobgoblins are taller than humans, faster, and stronger. Distantly Hobgoblins are genetically closer to Gnomes than to Goblins.

Appearance: The typical Hobgoblin encountered north of Tur is a tall erect walking humanoid, with the muscelature of a human linebacker. Their bodies are versatile, adapted to a wide range of climates. They are furred, though the civilized Hobs trim or shave fur in patterns. Hob fur varies from red to orange to tan to brown, with the face and belly having a tabby coloration sometimes veering into ochre or orange. A male Hob is about 2 meters tall. Males may have strikingly white noses and lips, sometimes wiuth a distinctive blue hue. There is massive racism in Hob tribes happening over near imperceptible difference in appearance, due to the ability of Hobs to see in five primary colors - two adjacent colors in the deep red and deep blue. Males as well as females have beards, and male pattern receding hairlines or baldness. Most Hob males are tattood and their eyes tend to be dark brown or yellow. Hobs have prominent gorilla style teeth, but their over-all physique is lean and wiry and tall. Hob muscles are evolved for stamina and agility over brute strength, and their athletes tend to be remarkably acrobatic.

Personality: It is remarkably difficult to summarize Hob psychology in emphasizing they are not an evil species, despite prejudices and elf propaganda - but they do hold long grudges and are prone to complex mass delusions, bouts of hysteria, lonk-in syndrome, grumpyness and very intricate religious beliefs. In everyday interaction they are racist towards other species, and they don't like humans or the smell of humans. Half Hobgoblins are comparatively much more rare than halforcs, as they do not find human females innately attractive. Hobgoblins never suffered the intense predation from the Kingdom as some other humanoids, but they are still quite aloof of other species. Strongest rivalry appears between gnomes and elves, with both 'prejudicially' aligning to push Hobgoblin settlements north quite often.

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Society and culture Hobgoblin society is more aggressively militaristic and hierarchical than human society, to the point of detriment. Carrying weapons and light armor is even considered normal to peasants and freemen, and the elites are routinely heavily armored. Hobs are long-term planners, strategists, schemers, spies, intrigants compared to all other humanoids, and their military logistics are on par with that of the Kingdom's legions. Hob Cavalry is very diverse, fast and deadly. Hobs loathe cowardice intensely, in particular in their enemies. Hob children are constantly fighting, and attrition in Hob younglings can be spartan levels. Hobgoblin farms, crafters are all managed by the old and/or castrates. Hobgoblin society leaves a lot of structures who are rather abandoned in superstitions rather than torn down. One major weakness of Hob society is tribalism, superstition and an excess of cultural reasons to compete among one another.

Hobgoblin Magic: Magicians, wizards and talents as such is significantly less common in Hobgoblins than in comparatively other species. Hobs neither have particularly strong reistance to magic compared to humans, nor any particular talent. Most their spellcasters advance as witches, and their witchcraft traditions are mediocre at best.

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Enemies: Aureannu and Lastrauri first, Gnomes and Yanyuk second.

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